b. 1986, HK.


Kate Curtis

Kate Curtis is an Irish Mixed-Media producer, Film-maker and Photographer currently based in Dublin City. She has an avid passion for animation, film and photography and loves experimenting with all three mediums in combination. Kate is a Graduand of Creative Digital Media from TUDublin. Her work consists of a variety of different themes ranging from the real to the abstract. Identity, human experience and mental health are recurrent themes in her work. Kate has a great love for all varieties of art and music, she loves collaborating with different kinds of artists to create unique bodies of work. She has an insatiable motivation to learn and hone her skills with new technologies and mediums to expand her capabilities and produce new innovative content. In her spare time she enjoys painting, reading, writing and has a keen interest in travel. She is currently available for freelance projects.

CV available upon request.


Sense of Place
Atlas hands Interpretative Animation
High in the trees
Is it Cause Iā€™m Green?
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